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Results of the competition "Allods and Life"

Stories, that warm souls.

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Digest February

We talk about what was done and updated in the past month. We help keep abreast of events.

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Game tooltips

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  • "Вестник Сарнаута" - дайджест за


    • Status: не определено
      Addon's author: Фирлиан
      Addon's version: 2.4
      Error type: Error

    UI::LuaCommonGetAddonRelatedTexture: Can't find related texture 'Дух змеи' for addon: BattlePack_Settings, details: int __cdecl UI::LuaCommonGetAddonRelatedTexture(struct lua_State *)
      func: GetAddonRelatedTexture, field, line: -1, defined: C, line: -1, [C]
        func: ?, ?, line: 309, defined: main, line: 0, [string "Mods/Addons/BattlePack_Settings/Scripts/buffs..."]

    "Вестник Сарнаута" - дайджест за

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