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This addon can:

  • Accept quests automatically
  • Finish quests with marks
  • Return quests automatically
  • Set a region, where you like to accept dailies automatically (Like Al Rihat or KOE)
  • Finish speech-bubbles automatically (Add the ones you want it to complete)

So you can adjust everything to your need. Makes Questing a lot faster 😉

Todo: Nice looking, different UI. (Comes with r3)

  •  If someone wants to translate it to russian, have a look at the Localization.lua and send it to me. I will add it to this file.


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  • Для диагностики ошибки требуется информация из \Personal\Logs\mods.txt. Для этого в \Personal\global.cfg найдите параметр user_mods_log_enable и выставьте ему значение 1. Затем запустите аддон в игре.

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