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This is a simple Need, Greed and pass Addon.

There are different modes:

Need all --> Need all Items

Greed all --> Greed all Items

Pass all --> Pass all items

List   --> This Mode uses the Config.txt file in the Addon Folder, to need/greed/pass on Items.  To set the Rules please add the Items you want to Use to the Config.txt file at the Section of your Language. E.G: Russian Client uses the "rus" section, to see, which Items to need, greed, pass on and what to do with everything else.

It is setup easily and fast and can Help in various Situations.



[ "ger" ] = {

        [ "items" ] = {
            ["need"] = {
            ["greed"] = {
            ["pass"] = {
        --Alle anderen Items?  "need" "greed" "pass" "off"
        ["everythingElse"] = "off",

With this config for example the Addon Needs on Item-A and Item-B, greeds on Item-C, passes on Item-D and does Nothing with everything else.


Dont forget to set it to List mode, if you want it to use your config.


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  • Для диагностики ошибки требуется информация из \Personal\Logs\mods.txt. Для этого в \Personal\global.cfg найдите параметр user_mods_log_enable и выставьте ему значение 1. Затем запустите аддон в игре.

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