Guidelines is not responsible for any changes you make to your software, including modifying source files. does not support third party modifications. Support of addons provides by their authors.

The majority of files for download in the file archive are not created, owned, or supported by project. Therefore, you recognize that has no liability or responsibility for the files downloaded from file archive.

Purchase of one copy of addon for characters of different players is forbidden. does not create, own, or support any files in file archive even if it collects funds on behalf of the submitting author.

Accounts keys
The accounts keys entered at the orders do not change by user's request (if they are specified without errors and there are active purchases). An exception can only be made to the account key, which is specified in the profile settings, due to the long absence of activity, etc.

Please assist us in keeping the file archive full of quality resources. Submit your feedback (both positive and negative) using the support topic or use the report this file feature if something is broken. does require the all submissions are supported by the authors. Please report situations where this is not the case.

All sales are final. In limited circumstances such as when an author has abandoned support or grossly misstated the abilities or function of an item, may consider a marketplace credit in lieu of refund. All refund requests are case-by-case and may take some time, that required for trial with author. Refund can be refused for the reasons, that don't concern violation of rules of this agreement. Refund in any cases is impossible if author already received payout from (done montly).