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Servers monitoring and the Addons Editor

We present you two legends. All dreams come true.

Servers monitoring The Addons Editor

Game tooltips

Tooltips provide a way for 3rd party fansites and extensions to display detailed information on mouseover.

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The Addons Updater

Let us to introduce the addons updating software and to share the details

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the new ConfigSection API

Guest Morted

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Hi there,

if have a quick question about the new AP functions:

How can you save/load data in custom Config.txt files?

AddonsTools does so, and TargetManager as well.

But how the hell do you do it? (i tried understanding your code, of cause)

shouldnt this save an entry to the "local" config.txt:

local cfg = {}

cfg["test"] = "insert"


but it doesnt work.

Could anyone tell me why?

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I use:

local lConfig = userMods.GetAvatarConfigSection( common.GetAddonName().."DnD" ) or {}

This creates "lConfig" variable. If there is data in section called "addonnameDnD" then lConfig takes that data, otherwise lConfig is an empty table.

Then i use:

I change lConfig variable (for example set lConfig.DNDenabled to true) and use:

userMods.SetAvatarConfigSection( common.GetAddonName().."DnD", lConfig )

And that works fine. Do you get any errors, or can you show a little bit more of code?

The data is not saved into some custom config.txt, it's saved into user.cfg and global.cfg files.

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well how DO you save/read the custom config.txt then?^^

There must be a way of accessing those files, this is from the AddonDesc of TargetsManager:

<Item href="Scripts/Globals.luac" />

<Item href="config.txt" />

<Item href="Locales/Locales.lua" />

but how the hell do they work with the config.txt?

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They do not work with config.txt.

Her config.txt is just a lua script, you can't change it from ingame.

"They" open config.txt and change it via text editor.

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Please ask icreator about her addons and stuff, but her config.txt is just a simple lua script. Cant modify it from ingame.

It's usefull since she has all files compiled and you can't change them, but that one is not compiled and you can change it. And it's extension is txt instead of lua so ppl can edit it with notepad without explanation.

But it's still a lua script. It's executable lua script. No more.

You may have

<Item href="config.txt" />

<Item href="Documents/Mypornmovie.avi" />

But it'll (i believe) still work if it's just a lua script.

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