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Servers monitoring and the Addons Editor

We present you two legends. All dreams come true.

Servers monitoring The Addons Editor

Game tooltips

Tooltips provide a way for 3rd party fansites and extensions to display detailed information on mouseover.

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The Addons Updater

Let us to introduce the addons updating software and to share the details

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DamageMeters v1.1


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So here is my DamageMeters, it is less complex than LightDPS and more complex than DarkDPS. It is similar in memory usage and as with all damage meters it uses quite a bit of memory. Damage meters are damage meters and choices come down to personal preferences on amount of information provided and aesthetics.

It's a lot of information up in your face and such. The boxes are color labeled, red = group damage, green = group healing, blue = non-group damage, yellow = non-group healing, light blue = spell from table, dark green = target of spell. Each container is movable and hide-able, and the tooltip is displayed near where the hover is.

There are two print slash commands, /dmdamage and /dmheal which print the entirety of the currently displayed damage/mob damage and heal/mob heal tables to your mods.txt. (This could eventually be processed by a website parser and displayed in nice website form for all to see.)

There are three modes for each container, "Current" (displays only the last or current combat data), "Total" (displays all combat data), and "World" (displays all combat/non-combat data); these modes are switchable via the top-left button of the containers.

The top-middle button is the Reset button, which will clear the currently viewed tabled data for that container, (IE "Current" of the Group Damage container).

The top-right button closes the container.


Кто возьмется адаптировать?

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The only thing that needs localization really is the ConfigWindow stuffs and maybe the print-outs, although it's the same localization material really. I can get to it when I have the time. I was kind of treating this add-on the same as FullMap, didn't want to release it here out of respect for other authors that have done better. :P

Google Transle:

Единственное, что необходимо локализации действительно ConfigWindow питания и, возможно, распечатки, хотя это тот же материал локализации на самом деле. Я могу добраться до него, когда у меня есть время. Я был отчасти лечения этого дополнения же, как и FullMap, не хотел, чтобы освободить его здесь из уважения к другим авторам, что бы сделать лучше. :P

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