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We can made WString functions

Guest Tycere

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I have looked in the last weekend in the moddingdocuments for 2.0.9 (i think its the same like 2.0.8) and 3.0. I have found new functions for the EditLine. There are InsertTextAtCursorPos, DeleteCharAtCursorPos and BackspaceCharAtCursorPos. I tested it now on the russian client (3.0.00. 25), it works.

I created a function substring and an other named concat. With substring you can get a part of a given WString. With concat you can merge WStrings.

I create a copy of an existing EditLine, for example the ChatInput and use it for the functions. I tested it with an own EditLine, but i noticed that the TextStyle "multiline" is not working. Tabulator is also not working. I think the reason is the standard TextFilter on it.

-- ChatInput/ChatInput/Field/Input

local copyEditLine = mainForm:CreateWidgetByDesc(

stateMainForm:GetChildChecked("ChatInput", false)

:GetChildChecked("ChatInput", false)

:GetChildChecked("Field", false)

:GetChildChecked("Input", false)



--- s: WString - The text that will be used for substring

--- index: number - The start index of the text

--- length: number - The maximum length of the result

--- example: Substring(userMods.ToWString("Hello World"), 6, 5)

---          This returns a WString like userMods.ToWString("World")

---          Substring(userMods.ToWString("Hello World"), 0, 5)

---          This returns a WString like userMods.ToWString("Hello")

function Substring(s, index, length)

  -- check input parameters

  if not s and not command.IsWString(s) then

    return nil


  if index < 0 then

    index = 0


  if length < 1 then

    return common.GetEmptyWString()


  -- set the text to the copied editline


  -- get the length of the given text

  local slength = copyEditLine:GetPosObjectCount()

  -- calculate resulting string size

  local resultLength = slength - index

  if resultLength > length then

    resultLength = length


  -- if resultLength smaller than 1, give empty wstring

  if resultLength < 1 then

    return common.GetEmptyWString()


  -- set position of copiesEditLine to begin


  -- delete chars

  for i = 0, index-1 do



  -- calculate amount of chars to be deleted at the end of the text

  local charsToDelete = slength - index - resultLength

  -- set position to the length, then we can delete all chars at the end


  for i = 0, charsToDelete-1 do



  return copyEditLine:GetText()


--- merging an array of wstring to one wstring

--- example: Concat(userMods.ToWString("A"), userMods.ToWString("b"), userMods.ToWString("C"))

---          This returns a WString like userMods.ToWString("AbC").

function Concat(...)


  for k, v in arg do

    if v and common.IsWString(v) then




  return copyEditLine:GetText()


We can made more functions, that are only two examples.

Also I have found the common.ExtractWStringFromValuedText function. I think, it is possible to copy text from the chat, for example.

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I saw the common.ExtractWStringFromValuedText function, from the 3.0 test API that I was given, as well. I was very excited about this function, since it should allow us to fetch ValuedTexts that were "off-limits" before. Like description texts and the map texts (different means than my current FullMap methods). This'll allow us to rewrite the color/size/shadowing/outline and so on of (possibly even add to) pre-existing ValuedTexts without having to recreate them entirely or instinctively knowing the fields required.

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