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Guest lostdraftee

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Guest lostdraftee

Когда я решил обновить и расширить аддон AucCenter, столкнулся с необходимостью пересоздания GUI, решил написать что-то вроде IDEшки для создания интерфейса. Принцип действия прост: десериализуем xdb и видим предполагаемый интерфейс аддона, или же натаскиваем контролы, на выходе получаем готовую xml(xdb). Первая версия будет ориентировочно к концу этой недели. К чему это я. Если у вас есть вопросы или предложения они будут очень кстати, вравда врядли включены в ближайшей тестовой версии. Так же по ходу работы будут возникать вопросы, я был бы очень рад любым ответам.

English version of previous text:

When I've decided to extend and refactor code of AucCenter addon, I've encounter of need to recreate GUI of that addon, and when I've looked into XDB(xml) and have read of process of creating GUI for addon I was like that: "F**k that I'm gonna need IDE for this", so I've decided to write one on my own (I've never heard of such tool for AO, correct me I'm wrong). Since I'm not junior software engineer I think i can handle this. Any of your feedback and requests will be appreciated. Surely here are developer that have enough experience of creating GUI addon for AO. So don't be shy to let me know if you want something specific that you've been in need for during GUI creating.

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Sounds great, finally someone takes the idea from Quest Tracker and actually has the time to do something with it (havent heard from Tycere since).

Looking forward to it, altho I'm finally far enough on trial&error to actually get my GUIs up and running :)

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Guest lostdraftee

Thanks for support, I appreciate that. You've mentioned QuestTracker it's funny but I've never heard of it before but I'll take a look at that library. I'll hope alpha version of the IDE for GUI will be ready on weekend. And I'm surprised that foreign addon's developers and users are visiting this site :). I hope this will help me to receive feedback, bugs and request from greater auditory. First of all I want to stabilize interface and serialization/deserialization of GUI's xmls. In first version of IDE only simplest of GUI elements like buttons or panels or forms and text fields will be available to include into ingame GUI addon. But I have big plans on that tool :).

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Its pretty much the only site for allods addons around, so not a lot of choices actually :P

I found quest tracker by chance aswell, and the base looks useful (altho I'd do a few things differently). Maybe you can use some of its ideas/concepts.

I liked his way of building the UI like you'd do in a general IDE editor (form.Add(new Panel()), panel.Add(new Button()) etc), but then again he repeated himself a lot (like the resource stuff; the IDE could simply assume/suggest paths based on location).

Either way, looking forward to it!

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Guest lostdraftee

By IDE I mean visual editor with components and properties of selected component more like RAD, you know. At this moment I'm not planning to add some script language to progammatically create GUI, I think it wouldn't be much easier then the way it work now with raw xml. But I may change my mind. For now my expirience with XDB and Lua aren't so big that I can try to create some addom that will be some sort of addon Visual Editor. I'm decided to use C++ and Qt framework for crating IDE, there is already large amount of classe to work with xml.

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Guest Tycere

I have not many experience with C++, Qt and the library.

I prefer C#, when i see only the C++-Code, i think: no close it. ^^

I'm currently very lazy :( I don't know why. I think only about the project, but when visual studio is open, i think: sleep. :(

In my 2 weeks holidays that i was at home i had nothing done in the project.

The library was i think written in 3 days and on other days some bug fixes. It was not the way I wanted it. Maybe the heavy recursive structure of the result is not good. Is it better to get one single folder there is all?

I'm very often on ui9.ru and i have read the first post of lostdraftee many times. I had read the post of BHaaL, but i did not know to answer, because english is not my native language.

I hope i can start after this post very soon with the development. This thread motivate me a little bit, i hope it is enough. I would like to finish many projects but i work on nothing, ok currently on powerauras a little bit.

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