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Servers monitoring and the Addons Editor

We present you two legends. All dreams come true.

Servers monitoring The Addons Editor

Game tooltips

Tooltips provide a way for 3rd party fansites and extensions to display detailed information on mouseover.

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The Addons Updater

Let us to introduce the addons updating software and to share the details

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Autonomous player to player data transfer is available now.


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Hi there. THere is a way in RU allods(idk bout EU/USA) (that will possibly be fixed and disabled) that allows user addons to communicate through open public faction-oriented data-transfer channel.

By sending text messages of limited length.

Currently i have no ideas about using that feature. Free worldwide chat?

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Guest Carnifex

It is possible to sending a lot of Spam messages to all clients connected to the server at the same time? So there is a chance, that it can be abused.

On the one hand this would be great for addon developing, but on the other hand it must be disabled or limited, but I don't think they will do the limitation, because this is much more work for the developer...

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It does not actually send spam.

Ok, here's the description: in new free bullrtin board system you may have paid messages tran are spammed to everyone, and you may have free messages that are seen oly if someone opens that board and reads. So you may create addons that periodically read whole board to find adressed mesages (you may add primitive crypting ;-D ) and addons that automatically write such messages, buy you may only have one at a time per board, afaik, but you can change the message body at any given time, and the free message in cmmon non-party boards lasts for 7 days (you can modify it each several seconds).

The only difference btween free and paid is that paid are top-sorted always and are announced upon creation.

In a message you may send a wide string, the ilmitations of whitch you know before sending a message by using a special function like "get max message size in symbols".

So you may slowly (not instant) comunicate between different people on same server even in different guilds.

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