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Alloder 2.0

We have started the process of project evolve, and this relates not only, and not even primarily of the site's view

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Game tooltips

Tooltips provide a way for 3rd party fansites and extensions to display detailed information on mouseover.

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New program for writers

We turn from quantity to quality and tell you how we will supplement the Allods Team program with rewards in rubles.


The new Updater

Let us to introduce the new addon updater software and to share the details

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Alloder 2.0

We have started the process of project evolve, and this relates not only, and not even primarily of the site's view

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Просмотреть файл

Inspect Stats Velhuru provides a more accurate total score (Velhuru) of the player being inspected, giving you more power to quickly assess your opponent. Your own Velhuru can be seen in the same window alongside the person being inspected for comparison.

When inspecting players who are of the same class as you, you will be presented with delta differences on all stats to give you an indication of the difference the items used between you the the inspected player.


- See your own Velhuru in the same Window.

- Highlighting of a players patron stat can be seen.

- AOPanel support - You can see your own Velhuru all the time in AOPanel and it the value will update when ever you change a item on your character.

- When inspecting a player who is the same class as you, you will see a delta (%) comparison between you and them. A green delta indicates the targeted player has more stats than you, while a red delta indicates that you have more stats or that he has less of that stat than you.

- Color coded Velhuru, giving you and fellow players a indication of just how powerful you are!

Factors taken into consideration when calculating a Velhuru:

- Level

- All Equipment Level & Quality - Note: Relics are not included.


- Base Rating - Every player has their own Base Rating and its increased as they level. I'm still working on how to calculate that figure. If anyone can assist me on working out the forumula used to calculate a players Base Rating, please leave a comment.

- Stat placement - It is impossible to determine where a player places their stat points.

- Rubies - It is impossible to determine what talent bonus stats a player has.


Version 1.3 - Now the Velhuru rating is calculated using an items level and quality.

Version 1.3 - The color rating of your Velhuru is now determined by the total quality rating and compared to see if your rating is greater than a quality level.

Version 1.4 - Fix for 2H/Paired Weapons dropping Gear Rating to low.

Version 1.5 - Fix for 2H/Paired Weapons not displaying the correct Velhuru Color.

Version 1.6 - Fix for patch 3.0

Version 1.7 - Fix for patch 3.0.2 - Update to fix errors occurring because of GetMaxSkillScore().

Последняя проверенная версия работы аддона:


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