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wich language is this?

Guest Phanima

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Guest Phanima

hi im german i never saw this scriptcode before.

maybe u can help me :)

<header alignx="left" fontsize="14"><tip_red><r name = "name"/> <r name = "seconds"/>s</tip_red></header>

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It is formated with tags dynamic caption..

<header alignx="left" fontsize="14">


      <r name = "name"/> <r name = "seconds"/> s



if you added to your addon XXXX.(WidgetTextView).xdb with link to XXXX.txt, and XXXX.txt was formated in html how in your question.. you may add in code this text as simple:

YorCaption'sName:SetVal( "name", userMods.ToWString(anyStringVar))

YorCaption'sName:SetVal( "second", common.FormatInt(anyMathVar,"%d"))

.. I wish you understand me >_<

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You can to add text's shadow.. it is full functions of it

<header alignx = "left" fontsize="14" shadow="1">

<rs class="class">


<r name="Name"/>




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It is so called "ValuedText" format, which has SGML-compatible syntax, very similar to HTML.

Its content must be encoded as UTF-16LE (it is called "Unicode" in MS Notepad), with BOM mark.


- Align text horizontally (alignx="left" or "center" or "right")

- Align text vertically (aligny="top" or "middle" or "bottom")

- Set font size (fontsize="12")

- Set font face (fontname = "AllodsWest" (it is default) or fontname = "AllodsSystem"). UPD: Attention! In Eastern AO localizations, there is only one font - "Allods", and it is really Arial Unicode MS renamed to Allods.ttf.

- Set font color (color="0xAARRGGBB" or predefined colors like class="tip_green" or tags <tip_green></tip_green>)

- Set font outline width (outline="1")

- Set font outline color (outlinecolor="0xAARRGGBB")

- Set font shadow offset (shadow="1")

- Make parahraphs (<p></p>)

- Make breaks (<br/>)

- Insert icon images (syntax is unknown, sorry)

- Define places for Lua variables insertion (<r name="Name"/>)

- Etc?

For example, here is a string, with font color set to opaque white (you can define ANY color with ANY degree of transparency):

<body color="0xFFFFFFFF" alignx="center" fontsize="10" outline="1"><r name="value"/></body>

Predefined colors are:

- tip_red

- tip_white

- tip_golden

- tip_green

- tip_blue

- tip_grey

- tip_purple

- Etc?

UPD: More predefined colors:















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SLA, ты с тех пор больше ничего нового не обнаружил в тегах?

Как бы сделать горизонтальную табуляцию? Банальные пробелы не канают, если стоят в начале текста :(

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