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Wake Up Warning

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Wake Up Warning

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A simple addon that displays a warning message when a nearby enemy is about to wake up from a long CC. The warning text supports multiple enemies, which will be mentioned by name each.

By default the message gets displayed when there are 10 seconds remaining on the CC. This can be changed by typing "/wuwtime NUMBER" in the chat with NUMBER being the amount of seconds remaining at which you would like the warning to appear.

I have not yet tested the addon thoroughly, so if you find that it does not work in a certain situation or anything else, please tell me.

For now I only have implemented the English names of all the buffs. If anybody using a different language client sends me the list of long CC/sleep debuff names, I will add them. Please make sure to get the name of the actual debuff, not the spell, they often times are different! Cast the spell on an enemy and read the name of the debuff from the little bar below the enemies mana/energy bar (or the buff icon). To test whether it works, just add a new entry to the sleepBuffNames array at the top of the "WakeUpWarning.lua" file in the addon folder (don't forget the comma).


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  • Для диагностики ошибки требуется информация из \Personal\Logs\mods.txt. Для этого в \Personal\global.cfg найдите параметр user_mods_log_enable и выставьте ему значение 1. Затем запустите аддон в игре.

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