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A simple addon to warn when certain buffs are not applied. Similar to AspectAlarm, but customisable.

The addon is configured using chat commands (see below for details).

Chat commands:

"/emadd BUFFNAME" -- Add buff to be tracked
"/emremove BUFFNAME" -- Remove buff to be tracked
"/emlist" -- List tracked buffs
"/emhelp" -- Show list of available commands

BUFFNAME has to be correctly capitalized and has to be the name of the actual buff,  NOT of a ability/item/etc. It can also be multiple buff names separated by the "|" character, in which case a warning is shown when none of the buffs are present (See Adaptive Shell example below).


Shows warning when you don't have Potion of Vitality active:

/emadd Potion of Vitality

Shows warning when neither the mounted buff nor the adaptive shell buff is active, i.e. you havent equipped your shell:

/emadd Mounted|Adaptive Shell



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  • Для диагностики ошибки требуется информация из \Personal\Logs\mods.txt. Для этого в \Personal\global.cfg найдите параметр user_mods_log_enable и выставьте ему значение 1. Затем запустите аддон в игре.

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