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New program for writers

We turn from quantity to quality and tell you how we will supplement the Allods Team program with rewards in rubles.


The new Updater

Let us to introduce the new addon updater software and to share the details

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Alloder 2.0

We have started the process of project evolve, and this relates not only, and not even primarily of the site's view

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Общение между лигой и империей.


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День добрый. Я подумал - а не сделать ли аддон для общения между лигой и империей?

Будет ли на него спрос?

В этой теме хочу собрать комментарии игроков чтобы решить стоит ли начинать или нет.

Как я планирую это сделать?

Я планировал использовать эмоции в качестве символов. У нас имеется более 50 эмоций емнип, которые можно превратить в буквы кириллицы и латиницы, знаки препинания, и может еще что-то.

Производительность будет примерно 1-1.5 буквы/символа в секунду. Точно не знаю, таймера у нас в игре вроде нет (кроме EVENT_SECOND_TIMER).

Например можно будет сказать что-то импу не переходя за империю (не ожидая 20 секунд туда и обратно).

К примеру "я тя килл" или "не мешай". Или "помоги" "хелп" и т.п. Т.е. общаться недлинными/короткими словами (т.к. длинные слова будут произноситься очень долго).

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идея интересная, но сомневаюсь что все установят аддон и можно будет общаться подобным образом

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Guest Abagor

Думаю пофиксят такое быстро, а заодно и что-нибудь полезное (на чем это будет работать) отрежут...

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I did not start to make it, so i don't think i'll ever do it. Nowdays thanks to icreator i'm making something more complex and great, but i don't think it'll be ready in next 2-3 months...

My idea is about creating inter-everything infrastructure(inter-guild, inter-faction, inter-server), but i hope a lot that things discovered by her will be hidden from nival's sight and will not be fixed, because they reveal a really miraclous possibilities for me.

As for now i'm going to try to create inter-everything chat (guild chat, inter-guild, inter-faction, inter-server) by using allod's API and my job's server(run allods under a terminal session with the only purpose - to run it's LUA script 24/7 and update site and database).

But it's my first time to do such complex stuff, so i'll need to learn a lot of stuff.

Btw Allods are my first LUA expirience - before i did not even know what "LUA" is, but now i'm used to it.

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Guest Carnifex

and how this should be possible, because so far as I know, there is now way to directly communicate between the addons of diffeent clients?

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They all will be runned on same server. Apropriate scripts will be bound to apropriate server/character. Even if i had to run them on different machines i could just share an exchange folder and use it...

What i'm really afraid of - is the nival's opportunity-cutting style - if something could be using for something they don't like or understand - this will be cut.

For example they have cut the "guild.BidAllod()" or smth like that. Why? WHY? What was WRONG with that function????

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Guest Carnifex

You could make an addon, which bid you whole money on an allod and give it to someone you hate (and say, that the addon do something great)...

Otherwise we are able to sell all item to a npc, but there you ca resell them...

Otherwise we can flood the server with while true do social.GetFriendList() so if they were consistent they must cut a lot of other things to, because you can do bad things whit nearly every function, which sends something to the server.

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