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Servers monitoring and the Addons Editor

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Servers monitoring The Addons Editor

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Group-/Raidfix (Addon for German Servers) Question

Guest Carnifex

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Guest Carnifex

Since the update to 1.1.04 are completly broken. This means, that our gms have translated the name of the chattype but they haven't add a new slash command with this translated name. So if you swich to e.g. the group chat and write something, type enter to write another msg and don't add /pa at the beginning of the msg you get an error, because /gruppe text ist not a known slashcommand. To fix this I've written the windowless addon below. And because I didn't think, that they can fix this in near future (because the raidchat is broken since months or years xD and the also had sad, that it is fixed with our last little patch, but it wasn't...) I have here some question to how improve my addon.

1. Can I somehow notice, that I'm whispering by pressing the backspace button (answer) or throug the guild gui...? (because the mission.GetChatInput().sysCmdType has no value (empty string), but this is also the case, if the chatinputline is closed).

2. Can I somehow also fix the use of slashcommands (e.g. /invite) in the buggy group-/raidchat, because setiing mission.SetChatInputType("party") while tipping does not help?

BTW: Some an idea, for what the built-in addon UpgradeMetaItem (the one one which is disabled by defalut) is? Edit: lol, there is also the disabled built-in Addon GMTools^^

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UpgradeMetaItem = Upgrade meta-items script. Meta item = item that can be different quality, like the ones 45 from astral II.

GMtools - addon for guild master's tabard image changing abilities, i believe. I have disassembled it once and found onnly guild tabard-creating functions inside, but it'll be deleted i think, coz there is "guild heraldics builder" addon.

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