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We turn from quantity to quality and tell you how we will supplement the Allods Team program with rewards in rubles.


The new Updater

Let us to introduce the new addon updater software and to share the details

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We have started the process of project evolve, and this relates not only, and not even primarily of the site's view

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i just like to know if its possible to use this in combination with common. MakeUserScreenshot to save how the player avatar looks

i like to use it with a modified version of agai

i have not created any add with gui before and can't seem to find the right widget to use

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Function mission.SetCharacterScene() uses "3D scene", such as in Character window, as well as in ItemMall, Inspect, Stable windows.

I don't know, if it is possible to programmatically open the Character window, or to detect when it opens. I guess, no. Is it possible to create such window in user addon? I don't know, I have never experimented with it.

There is a special topic on creating addons: How to make new addon. Here you will find the Interface. file. There is all uncompiled Lua sources from very old game version - AO 1.0.03, but anyway, it is extremely useful. You will find here some examples, how to work with those 3D scenes:




But I'm still not sure, whether "3D scenes" will work in user addons. Good luck :)

P.S. A long time ago, when I was creating "TargetOfTarget" addon, I have experimented with unit portraits (similar thing to 3D scenes, maybe. Those portraits are used in character plate, target plate, party plates, etc.) and I have failed. Looks like there are several such portraits, all "hard-wired" into the game, and it is impossible to create one more extra portrait in a user addon.

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