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How do I access certain currency values

Guest neFAST

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Guest neFAST

Hello, I would like to display remaining food for mount, but this currency has no ID.

I ran that code to discover it

-- test

local ids = avatar.GetCurrencies()

if ids then

 for i = 0, 10 do

  local info = avatar.GetCurrencyInfo( ids     )

  if info then

    LogInfo( "sysName = " .. info.sysName .. ", value = " .. info.value)




and got this (mount feed is the first value = 14 :

Info: addon DeathinSurance: sysName = , value = 14

Info: addon DeathinSurance: sysName = world_chat, value = 0

Info: addon DeathinSurance: sysName = , value = 1

Info: addon DeathinSurance: sysName = RubyCallOption, value = 1

Info: addon DeathinSurance: sysName = TalentPoint, value = 41

Info: addon DeathinSurance: sysName = Ruby, value = 34

Info: addon DeathinSurance: sysName = myrrh, value = 1770

Info: addon DeathinSurance: sysName = SkillSlot, value = 2

Info: addon DeathinSurance: sysName = zone_chat_special, value = 7

So what should I do ??


This is how I retrieve myrra, I use the keyword "myrrh".

My problem : I need keyword for mount food, but this keyword is empty.


local myrrhId = avatar.GetCurrencyId( "myrrh" )

if myrrhId then

  local info = avatar.GetCurrencyInfo( myrrhId )

  if info then

    local currentValue = info.value



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I repeat this

sysName = myrrh, value = 2099

sysName = world_chat, value = 0

sysName = SkillSlot, value = 1

sysName = , value = 3

sysName = TalentPoint, value = 1

sysName = Ruby, value = 0

sysName = zone_chat_special, value = 0

On a screenshot - a stall



-- Returned values-

table or nil - If there is a stable, the table with fields:


foodCount: number (integer) - Available quantity of meal


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