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Changing UI aspect ratio

Guest neFAST

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Hi folks, I was condering if there is any way to change the aspect ratio of all UI.

I mean when you resizing allods window, you can see that the user interface is scaled independently from the game 3D rendering in background.

But when in full screen I think the UI takes to much screen real estate.

I looked in all game's .cfg, (found a way to change the fov BTW) but nothing regarding ui ratio.

Any clue ?

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The command widgetsSystem:SetShrinkRatio( # ) does this function (kind of), names get real big though.

Try this code.

function Shrink( params )

widgetsSystem:SetShrinkRatio( .8 )


function Init()

common.RegisterEventHandler( Shrink, "EVENT_UPDATE_SHRINK_RATIO" )



And then resize your window and it'll activate, do it twice to ensure that all widgets have responded. (This will effect UserMods widgets as well.)

Edit: If someone wants a functional version for just useage.


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Guest Carnifex

Yes, but the size off all texts aren't 1,5 times so big. So you have a little text in a big textfield. And little text (e.g. the numbers in your hud ;) ) are as difficult to read as before.

BTW: one other problem was, taht 2.0 was to big and so i had some overlaps of gui-elements...

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You lost me. Heh.

You're saying that the text sizes within panels that have sizeable texts like UserMods shrinks too much to be illegible. Like my HUD's texts. For this I'd recommend setting the shrink ratio to compliment your maximum resolution. .8 is good for 1920x1080, but it may not be for lower resolutions. Might need something like .9 or somethin'.

Then you're saying 1.7.1 of my HUD is overlapping your GUI? :P Or do you mean that resized AO 2.0 results in GUI elements overlapping? Confused.

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I think that it is quite possible that event sent by system generates 2 things:

1) Your shrink function which shrinks by 0.8

2) Original shrink function (made by devs) that shrinks appropriateley to screen resolution (sent in event).

And in some cases (UI) it works like you think it should coz for example it is executed "dev after your" and for texts it works in other way coz dev addon works first, then yours??

Well all above is just a guess so i can't proove or disproove that.

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Sadly widgetsSystem seems to not respond like a widget, this is probably because it isn't a widget but rather the coded system in charge of the display of widgets. I've run a couple widgetsSystem:WidgetFunctions on it and the game passes interesting errors that I've never seen before. Other times it just passes nil functions.

So in short, to control the blown up (inverse sizing), clipped (uses showClippedSymbol/ellipsis as true), or unchanged text (has no text sizing), we'd have to get control of those specific text widgets.

As a side: It's interesting that the API documentation doesn't have UserMods, but it also doesn't have our obselete commands. (IE the ones that are supposed to do the functions that we need. :P Like finding out unknown text groups through common.GetStateRelatedTextGroup() that supposedly used to pass all the state related text groups' names..) Maybe when that version of Allods hits the API point where the commands are not obsolete someone can find out all the TextGroup() names?

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