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[New addon] Guild Announce

Guest neFAST

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Guest neFAST

Hi folks,

This is my first plugin, a very simple one.

I don't know how it works on your russian servers, but here in Europe you don't get a message when a guild member connects or disconnects. We have this for friends but not for guild mates.

So I created this addon,: it will popup a message when someone enter or leave.

Here are my questions:

0. did someone wrote the same plugin before?

1. does my addon work on your russian servers?

2. could you correct the russian translation? (thanks to SLA, my addon is multilanguage)

3. is there a better way to display the message, for example in the chat?

Thanks a lot for your help!

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0. Nope.

1. Yes, it works, but sorry, we don't need it :) because (I don't remember, starting from which version) we already have those chat messages you are talking about. In the chat, similar to friends logged in / logged out messages, but colored green, instead of yellow.

2. Sure, here it is:

TextOn.txt = заходит в игру.

TextOff.txt = выходит из игры.

3. Mmm... No, using the current API, we still can't write anything in the chat. There are other ways like displaying a pop-up panel (like tooltip). You can animate them, paint custom graphics for your own widgets, and you can scale the fonts, and change its color.

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