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How can I manually add item ID so it displays inside fitting room?

Example "/ FR 13 553" and it displays item with ID 13553

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Watch what happens when you click a text object.

onEvent  [ "EVENT_TEXT_OBJECT_CLICKED" ]  = function( params )

local IId = params.object:GetId()

if params.object:GetType() == 1 then

mission.DressCharacterScene( 1, IId )



So basically to display an item in a fitting room you need to use

mission.DressCharacterScene( 1, IId )

Where IId is an item ID.

So if you really know that a number is an item ID, you may use

mission.DressCharacterScene( 1, aNumber )

If you want to enter a number through the chat, you may want to track EVENT_UNKNOWN_SLASH_COMMAND event.

This event is already tracked by FittingRoom, so all you need is add next code to that function that tracks that event:


local a, b, aNumber = string.find( userMods.FromWString(params.text ), "/FR (%d+)" )

if aNumber ~= nil then 

mission.DressCharacterScene( 1, aNumber )


That's all. but BE SURE that you enter an ItemID, or it may result in an error!

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You may also want to use a check GetType( self ) to ensure that you try to dress an equipment part, but i don't know what happens if you try to get type of some random number.

if params.object:GetType() == VAL_OBJ_TYPE_ITEM then

I don't think that you are able to check if a "ValuedObject" "IsExist". So, basically, be sure that you enter an actual ItemID.

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Thank you Setras :)

Yes I have correct item ID, I added a line to log them.

local IId = params.object:GetId()

LogInfo( "Item ID=", IId )

This allows me to better guess the Item ID's in same category.

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I'm not so sure that it is usefull at all.

Item IDs may be randomly generated when you encounter items.

I don't really think that they are pre-generated. Do you?

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They're not pre-generated. All IDs in this game are dynamic to a single client generation at an instance of time. So an ID at one point could be a completely different ID if you walk away and come back again.

So knowing the ID at one instance of time for an item doesn't mean you'll know it at another, and definitely does not mean that someone else that sees that exact item at that exact time will see the same ID.

Picture the ID system as if you've given birth to identical twins at a single instance. (Sounds painful.) They look similar, but as time goes on they become more and more unique from each other and are never truly the same.

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Well, concerning the "Random ID idea", two people watchng at the same object with random ID will see different IDs for sure.

I don't know any of the "unique inter-clients" IDs. Maybe the "Guild member ID" stays same during some time, but everything else is totally random and differs between people or their "encounters".

If you encounter an object, then loose sight of it, and then encounter it again - you see a totally different ID.

By some reason i have some big tables in my user.cfg:

t_b ScriptLocal_BulletinBoard

t_b GuildMessages

t_b isnew

i_k_b isnew




......................... Tons of them!

So, maybe message IDs stay same. But that's not a gift at all.

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