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  1. Very similar to DPS meter but sorts players by how long they live, ones with shortest life (they die first) will go to top. When clicked on player name, new window opens, and displays who killed the player with skill name, amount of damage and type of damage. Basically a NOOB Tracker to see who slacks during raid boss fights. Anyone can make, I can help with UI? Example 1: Example 2: Example 3:
  2. Please, Addon to rescale UI and addon to remove error messages like "Target is out of range". Аддон для изменения масштаба интерфейс и аддон для удаления сообщения об ошибках, как "объект находится вне диапазона".
  3. All you need is this tool Good luck. Old formats are: COMP_ZLIB COMP_UNZIP_DYNAMIC COMP_ZLIB_NOERROR Haven't tested new ones, don't have time.
  4. Barut


    Beautiful addon. Is there a way to make a minimize mode, where it shows just your placement versus same class in DPS. BTW I made a custom skin for my guild Monsters Inc.:
  5. Barut


    They removed FOV from game, but maybe we can make a software to change it like they do for other games? I found values for max zoom out in memory: 4 bytes = 16 float = 2.242077543E-44 Они сняли FOV от игры, но, может быть, мы можем сделать это программный изменить его, как они делают для других игр? Я нашел значения макс масштаба в памяти: 4 bytes = 16 float = 2.242077543E-44 Проблема в том, если я пытаюсь крепления аварий отладчик AoGame
  6. Barut


    How can I make it show only critical hits?
  7. Barut

    Sniper - Discussion

    You have to drag it by the thin upper line of the window. This is purpously done as not to move it by accident during PvP.
  8. Allods Online\Personal\Logs\mods.txt It will be mixed with other errors from other addons, but guild export is stored there.
  9. Barut


    Thank you Setras Yes I have correct item ID, I added a line to log them. local IId = params.object:GetId() LogInfo( "Item ID=", IId ) This allows me to better guess the Item ID's in same category.
  10. Barut


    How can I manually add item ID so it displays inside fitting room? Example "/ FR 13 553" and it displays item with ID 13553
  11. Barut


    How can I manually add item ID so fitting room displays it? Example "/fr 13553" and it displays item with ID 13553
  12. Guild Bank bot. 1. Puts in text file, senders name and amount of gold 2. When player logs in bot writes in guild chat if he didn't pay guild taxes. 3. Every week text files clears. Гильдия банка бота. 1. Кладет в текстовый файл, имя отправителя и количество золота 2. Каждый понедельник, когда игрок входит в бот пишет в чате гильдии, если он не платил налоги гильдии. 3. Каждую неделю файлы текста очищает.
  13. For further editing you will need 3D Max Studio
  14. Barut

    DoTTimer - Discussion

    Very nice and useful addon. Can you make an option to filter out some buffs, because Paladin has a buff which is always on him but resets every 10 seconds and its quit annoying to constantly see it refresh. Also would be very useful if on top left bar it would display your health and on top right bar it would display targets health so that you don't need to look up at avatar's and target's boxes for health.
  15. Запрос: аддон, который приглашает людей к рейду автоматически, когда они шепотом вас ключевое слово, как "+демонгорода"