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Servers monitoring and the Addons Editor

We present you two legends. All dreams come true.

Servers monitoring The Addons Editor

Game tooltips

Tooltips provide a way for 3rd party fansites and extensions to display detailed information on mouseover.

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The Addons Updater

Let us to introduce the addons updating software and to share the details

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Sniper Addon


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This addon lets you see which enemies are close to you. The classes are color coded, and health is represented in bars.

it is extremly customizable:

You can specify max number of enemies to be displayed by the addon.

You can specify which class you'd like to have priority on top of the list.

You can change the alogrithm of the addon for calculating who will be on the list and who will be on top of the list.

Right now the alogrithm is (class priority + enemy flagged + enemy health).


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Хороший аддон. На евро все крупные ги ходят с ним. На ру немного надо поправить DnD

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Guest SuPeR_MaRiO

Почему-то в русской версии игры не получается перемещать по экрану этот аддон... Возможно поправить?

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I can't seem to find the forum thread with new DnD fix, if someone can show me that thread I can fix addon to work with RU client.

Я не могу найти ветке форума с новыми исправить DnD, если кто-то может показать мне, что нить я могу исправить аддон для работы с клиентом RU.

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Guest Evgen_17

I wonder: will you fix it?

It's a very intеresting addon.

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- Добавлено в приоритетных алгоритм проклятие руны и раны сложности.

- Сейчас в списке уровне и раны сложности врага отображается.

- Удален% от здоровья из списка, как бары уже визуально указано здоровья противника.

- Added to priority algorithm rune curse and wounds complexity.

- Now in list level and wounds complexity of enemy is displayed.

- Removed % of health from list as bars already visually indicated the health of enemy.

Thank you SLA for updating DnD in r2.

Future plans:

- to display total value of enemy runes on list and add it to priority algorithm

- to display rune curse on list

- to add buttons to be able to change maximum number of enemies on list.

P.S. I tried updating addon via a tool, but no success so I decided to post here, until SLA can help and update it on main site.

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Guest Hommit

а как его вытащить из левого верхнего угла?

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После версии R2, SLA имеет фиксированные ДnД. Теперь, вы должны быть в состоянии двигаться окно, щелкнув на нем и перетащить в нужное место.

Я не Plaz на русский сервер, так что я canćt испытания, но mazbe это может помочь Here

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1) You fail to upload the addon, because your AddonDesc.(UIAddon).xdb is NOT valid XML.

(You can check it here: http://www.w3schools.com/xml/xml_validator.asp )

To make it XML-valid, you have to replace the '&' sign to either '&' or word 'and':


<comment>Contributors: Barut & Aspex from ISA EU SERVER - Contributor SLA from ui9.ru</comment>


<comment>Contributors: Barut and Aspex from ISA EU SERVER - Contributor SLA from ui9.ru</comment>

2) Also, you fail to upload the addon, if your ZIP file contains "Addons" folder. I must be excluded.

Read this instruction - Publication of new Addons (Instruction) (it is in English).

But I have already fixed XML, also updated LibDnD.lua to the latest version (2011-05-28), and uploaded it to UI9 starting page.

Next time you upload it yourself, OK? :)

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