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(REQUEST) PvP Sniper Addon


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I am a student and don't have much money, but I will pay 50 euros through clickandbuy.com or Western Union (I can't use paypal from my country Serbia).

The addon:

- Shows health and wound complexity of all visible player enemies

- Color coded classes

- Name of enemy players

- When clicked on a name from the list it will target that enemy

Thank you in advance.

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It's for EU version so API is older than 2.X...

The addon is done but I'll still pay 50 euros if the code can be changed to get the moving bars like in RealAggro that will display health of enemy and to get colored bars to display the class also.

If you are interested send me your email or Skype and create an account on clickandbuy.com or send me the details for Western Union so that I may send you money. Thank you.

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Well, idk your maintime, you wasnt recently in skype, i've decided to write a bit here, maybe this will help anyone else.

I am not very interested in PvP addons-spreading, but my fault is that i want to help people =D

You need: Create and destroy widgets,

If you don't need the resize (small circle-markers of enemies and/or classes and such will be bareley seen if resized to very small size) then you need /Modding Docs 101021/LuaApi/FunctionObjectAttachWidget2D.html

object.AttachWidget2D( targetId, mainForm, ATTACHED_OBJECT_POS_UP )

Which attaches 2D widget to any unit on screen.

These widgets should be LOW aligned, because they are attached by the top left corner of... Hm... Big X°Y screen-sized area... Can't really explain, just remember to align these vidgets "LOW". I've tried to do this with "Center-aligned" vidgets and was wondering why didnt it work, and then i've noticed that vidget floating in bottom right corner.

Also, AddWidget3D( self, widget, size, pos, autoResizeX, autoResizeY, cutDistance, bindPointY, minSizeLimit, maxSizeLimit ), but i didn't test it. The description and var names are very self-explanatory. Just remember to make CutDistance large enough for pvp addons, i'd prefer something really big coz on Astral War you see enemy units from far far far far away.

AttachWidget3D( objectId, wtControl3D, widget, heightOffset )

THis one attaches 3D widget to unit the same way AttachWidget2D does for 2D ones.

Well, there was a funny thing while i was testing this - somewhy it does not work(or IDK how does it work) for some widgets that are placed inside some other non-MainForm vidget, and i use a "testing buttons" addon for testing new scripts (i can test anything with text or log output without restarting game), and i have attached the whole mainPanel to some character. Nice, but then he ran away, and my MainPanel.. Well ran with him! And disappeared then! I LOL'ed =D

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