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  1. I have the same problem, cannot login due to wrong login and password. I checked it all already, it checks out. I reinstalled the program too, doesn't work
  2. Dragagon


    No need to search the items to use them. Less is more, this addon dev knows it!
  3. Dragagon


    All the trash gear is all gone so fast, don't even have to move my cursor anymore. Very well thought about!
  4. Dragagon


    Automates so many annoying pop-ups! Quality of life, from a quality addon dev! KUDOS
  5. Dragagon


    Crazy good! Something they should have added in the game long time ago. This addon dev sees the black holes and fills them up!
    Keeps telling me the login and password are wrong. I did verify my credentials on alloder and they are correct. The program needs to be checked up for this. Everyone I asked around for has the same problem.
  6. Dragagon


    Simple & fast!
  7. Dragagon


    How can I help for EU?
  8. Hi worm,

    What do I need to do to help Remember work for EU client?
    Thanks in advance!

  9. Dragagon


    How can I help for EU?
  10. Dragagon


    Still doesn't work for EU. When can this be done? Thanks again!
  11. Dragagon


    is this still being updated/maintained?
  12. Dragagon


    checking files for an hour, doesn't work for one bit. Can't add timers anywhere or remember. Windows I get are completly empty. What do I have to do to fix this addon for Eu EN? Thanks in advance.
  13. Dragagon


    Does the addon still work? I installed it but doesn't seem to work for my warrior vicious spin
  14. Dragagon


    Looks cool and replaced my cast bar, kudos! Missing one star because the image it shows is a bit random, not showing the ability icon, sometimes even blank.