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  1. Dragagon


    is this still being updated/maintained?
  2. Dragagon


    checking files for an hour, doesn't work for one bit. Can't add timers anywhere or remember. Windows I get are completly empty. What do I have to do to fix this addon for Eu EN? Thanks in advance.
  3. Dragagon


    Does the addon still work? I installed it but doesn't seem to work for my warrior vicious spin
  4. Dragagon


    Looks cool and replaced my cast bar, kudos! Missing one star because the image it shows is a bit random, not showing the ability icon, sometimes even blank.
  5. Dragagon


    I am getting a bar that shows the %'s in gear like on screenshot, but the addon doesn't show anything special on my insignia's. How could I fix this?
  6. Dragagon


    How to configure the addon?
  7. Dragagon


    I'm not getting a button to edit/configure the addon.
  8. Dragagon


    Guild tab doesn't work. Exporting doesn't work either, no text file is being made.
  9. Dragagon

    Испытание крови. Усыпальница

    Button does not appear for me.
  10. Dragagon

    Фарм хранителей

    Chat commands don't seem to work and I am unsure of what this means to me.
  11. Dragagon


    The Autorestart Horn option does not work - I still need to select the Embrium option to start production. The list I see is unclear to me, I've no idea why i see double info.
  12. Dragagon


    Doesn't seem to work. Is it adjusted for Eu?
  13. Dragagon


    I cannot see the range nor the height on the map. I did search in the cfg file but found nothing I could edit to solve this. Otherwise a great addon. please how do I fix this?
  14. Dragagon


    Can you also add an option that it auto merges different stacks of Amalgam please? Not only the small drops but full amaglam stacks to merge please?