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We turn from quantity to quality and tell you how we will supplement the Allods Team program with rewards in rubles.


The new Updater

Let us to introduce the new addon updater software and to share the details

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About This File

This "super" add-on is an assistant to add-on function. Similar to AddonManager. However, instead of being able to turn on/off or hide add-ons; it is capable of allowing add-on developers to quickly and simply create buttons or user input abilities for their add-ons. This allows the user and the developer to reduce the amount of memory their add-on uses if they want to allow people to customize certain aspects of the add-on.


Этот "супер" аддон - помощник для для других аддонов. Наподобие AddonManager. Однако, вместо того, чтобы включить/выключить или скрывать аддоны, этот аддон позволяет разработчикам, быстро и просто создавать окно с настройками, или пользовательский ввод для своего аддона. Это позволяет уменьшить объем памяти, используемый аддоном, когда хочется сделать, чтобы люди могли настраивать некоторые аспекты аддона.

--Developer Advice--
Response to "CONFIG_INIT_EVENT" -

userMods.SendEvent("CONFIG_INIT_EVENT_RESPONSE", { sender = common.GetAddonName() })

Response to "CONFIG_EVENT_"..common.GetAddonName() -

  • Required -
    • NoB - This is the number of the button to be created.
      name - This is for the name of the button.
      btnType - This is the type of button;
      • "Simple" - For simple buttons.
        "T/F" - For true and false buttons.
        "EditLine" - For user input lines.
        "Color" - For a customizable color button.
        "Slider" - For a sliding button.
        "Tabled" - For a forward/backward table button.

  • Optional -
    • state - This is for the "T/F" button, true or false.
      value - This is mainly for the button types "Tabled" and "EditLine" to update the value.
      steps - This is for the number of steps for the "Slider" button.
      pos - This is for the position the "Slider" button should start at.
      color - This is the RGBA current value of the color button.
      texture - This is the textureId of a texture.
      sizeX - Size for X value of "Tabled" texture.
      sizeY - Size for Y value of "Tabled" texture.
      text - Text for "Tabled" text.
      scale - Scale for "Tabled" text.

  • Example -
    userMods.SendEvent("CONFIG_EVENT_RESPONSE", {NoB = 0, name = "Dance", btnType = "T/F", state = true})


  • Required -
    • NoB - Number of the button to change text.

    Optional -
    • name - Name of the button. "EditLine" or "Tabled" buttons.
      value - The new value for the button. "EditLine" or "Tabled" buttons.
      texture - The new texture. "Tabled" buttons only.
      sizeX - Size for X value of "Tabled" texture.
      text - Text for "Tabled" text.
      scale - Scale for "Tabled" text.

    Example -
    userMods.SendEvent("CONFIG_CHANGE_BUTTON_RESPONSE", {NoB = 0, name = "Dance2", value = "Tango"})

Response from "CONFIG_SIMPLE_"..common.GetAddonName() -

  • Values Sent - {name}

Response from "CONFIG_BUTTON_"..common.GetAddonName() -

  • Values Sent - {name, state}

Response from "CONFIG_EDIT_LINE_"..common.GetAddonName() -

  • Values Sent - {name, text}

Response from "CONFIG_COLOR_"..common.GetAddonName() -

  • Values Sent - {name, color}

Response from "CONFIG_SLIDER_"..common.GetAddonName() -

  • Values Sent - {name, pos}

Response from "CONFIG_TABLED_"..common.GetAddonName() -

  • Values Sent - {name, dir} (dir is "+" or "-")

Example code for True/False buttons:

function ConfigInitEvent()
userMods.SendEvent("CONFIG_INIT_EVENT_RESPONSE", { sender = common.GetAddonName() })

function ConfigEvent()
local num = 0
for i, v in NPB do
userMods.SendEvent("CONFIG_EVENT_RESPONSE", {NoB = num, name = L [GetGameLocalization()]  , btnType = "T/F", state = v})
num = num + 1

function ConfigButtonResponse(p)
local s
for i, v in L [GetGameLocalization()]  do
if v == p.name then
s = i
if NPB   ~= nil then
NPB   = not NPB  
userMods.SetGlobalConfigSection("NPB", NPB)
common.StateUnloadManagedAddon( "UserAddon/"..common.GetAddonName() )
common.StateLoadManagedAddon( "UserAddon/"..common.GetAddonName() )

function Init()
common.RegisterEventHandler( ConfigInitEvent, "CONFIG_INIT_EVENT" )
common.RegisterEventHandler( ConfigEvent, "CONFIG_EVENT_"..common.GetAddonName())
common.RegisterEventHandler( ConfigButtonResponse, "CONFIG_BUTTON_"..common.GetAddonName())

What's New in Version 7   See changelog


  • фикс под обновление 7.0 (от LEM)

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