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New program for writers

We turn from quantity to quality and tell you how we will supplement the Allods Team program with rewards in rubles.


The new Updater

Let us to introduce the new addon updater software and to share the details

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Alloder 2.0

We have started the process of project evolve, and this relates not only, and not even primarily of the site's view

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About This File

Добавляет отдельное окно чата.

Я очень рекомендую удалить все версии до R18, перед установкой более новой версии, иначе у вас накопится куча бесполезных файлов, в связи с реструктуризацией.

Adds a separate chat window.

I would highly recommend deleting all versions prior to r18 before downloading the new one as you'll end up with useless files due to restructuring.

Инструкция по использованию

Type /ww to open/close the panel or click the text button.


Use these buttons to decide what text is shown. ^

Some localization provided by Duvodas and Carnifex. The rest is Google Translate, please mention if it is incorrect.

Customization via ConfigWindow (right click the text button or typing /cw):


Now with custom color creator. Set color by moving the sliders and clicking the respective color button.




Container Customization (right-click container buttons):


Slash Commands:

/ww - Show/Hide WhisperWindow

/wwreset - Reset DND of WhisperWindow

/wwclear - Clear current window of text

/wwtotalclear - Clear all windows.

/wwtop - Set WhisperWindow display above/below the map.

/wwhelp - Prints slash command information in All.


/ww - Показать/Скрыть WW

/wwreset - Сброс DND из WW

/wwclear - очистить текущее окно текста

/wwtotalclear - Очистить все окна.

/wwtop - Задать WhisperWindow дисплей выше/ниже карте.

/wwhelp - Печать слэш команду информации во всех.

What's New in Version 32   See changelog


Реанимания аддона под обновление 8.2 (от logg)


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