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A simple addon to log events to chat or to the log file to help with development and API exploration. The parameters passed to the event can be printed as well.

The addon is configured using chat commands (see below for details). In the script file ( " EventLogger.lua") you can add events which should always be ignored (to prevent spamming). By default a few events are ignored, which I consider unimportant (check the file for yourself).

Chat commands:

[BOOLEAN] has to be either "on"/"true" to turn on, "off"/"false" to turn off,
          or nothing to toggle
"/el [BOOLEAN]" -- Enable/Disable this addon
"/elfilter [STRING]" -- Set/Reset filter string
"/elparams [BOOLEAN]" -- Enable/Disable logging of parameters
"/elchat [BOOLEAN]" -- Enable/Disable logging to chat
"/ellog [BOOLEAN]" -- Enable/Disable logging to log

Filter string:

By typing "/ elfilter YOUR_FILTER_STRING "  in chat, you can filter which events will be logged. You can use the ' | 'character (bar character) as an OR operator and lua pattern syntax  for more precise filtering. Letter case (capitalization) is ignored (So "unit", "UNIT", "Unit", "uNiT" are all the same).

"/ elfilter unit" - only list events containing the word "unit".
"/ elfilter avatar | object" - only list events which either contain the word "avatar" or the event "object".


The events listened for are taken from  the official API documentation .

If anybody want to add some UI or anything else, feel free to do so and upload it.

What's New in Version 2.0.0   See changelog


Added more features, chat commands and saving config

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