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Digest October

We talk about what was done and updated in the past month. We help keep abreast of events.

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Game tooltips

Tooltips provide a way for 3rd party fansites and extensions to display detailed information on mouseover.

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New program for writers

We turn from quantity to quality and tell you how we will supplement the Allods Team program with rewards in rubles.


The new Updater

Let us to introduce the new addon updater software and to share the details

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Alloder 2.0

We have started the process of project evolve, and this relates not only, and not even primarily of the site's view

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  • Current Donation Goals

  • Премии

    Авторам (подробнее):

    • подписка на платные аддоны
    • 500-2000 кри\знаков за статью
    • ~500 кри\знаков за апдейт статьи
    • 3000-6000 за обои

    Аддонмейкерам (подробнее):

    • подписка на платные аддоны
    • 500-3000 кри\знаков за новые аддоны
    • 500-1500 кри\знаков за развитие аддона
    • 250 кри\знаков за фиксы

    В особых случаях начисляем также и рублевые поощрения.

  • Свежие комментарии

    • God bless! Will make use of it 😄
    • In June we released a cool feature - tooltips for links on different game objects. But it worked only on Russian. Till now. Finally together with the game developers and the allodswiki.ru creator we are happy to release game tooltips for EU version of the Allods Online, in English. How to enable on my site? You can add our script to your site and then all links to the game objects from en.allodswiki.ru will be shown with tooltips. If your site uses JQuery, then before </head> tag add <script src="https://alloder.pro/tooltips/en/minidb.js"></script> If your site doesn't use JQuery, then before </head> tag add <script type="text/javascript" src="//code.jquery.com/jquery-3.6.0.min.js"></script> <script src="https://alloder.pro/tooltips/en/minidb.js"></script> You can change css styles for tooltips with class a.minidb. How it works? Just post a link to an en.allodswiki.ru page. It doesn't matter how you will do it - the link will be formatted automatically. We support next data types: Открыть запись
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